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Cosmetic Grade Raw Materials

When skin is exposed to harsh chemicals for longer time period, it not only damages the skin externally but internally. The reason being, harsh chemicals made from low grade material may trigger hormonal imbalance which is quite dangerous for each one of us. Keeping this in view, we serve people with Cosmetic Grade Raw Material that act as perfect base ingredients for the special creations of our cosmetic manufacturers. Be it cosmetic production for sale, creating DIY items at home, etc. Our offered Raw Material of Cosmetic Grade not only help in enhancing one's beauty but opting for these material is an ideal choice that can do benefits for skin, health and environment as well.

Key Points:
  • Used for many cosmetic applications such as making skin care and hair care products
  • Some of these also act as preservatives to improve the shelf life of the cosmetics
  • Inhibits the growth of microorganisms by possessing anti-bacterial properties
  • Helps in improving the worth of the product
Coco Betaine
Coco Betaine
Boiling point : Product detail Physical State Liquid Grade Standard Reagent Grade, Bio-Tech Grade Appearance(25 degreeC) Colorless to yellowish clear liquid Active matter(%) 30 Free amine (%) 0.50max pH(1% aqueous solution) 7+-1